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OMEGA II 6 Pocket Saddle Stitcher/Trimmer
6 Pocket Sadddle Stitcher/Timmer.  Very clean machine and well maintained. 3 Honer Stitcher heads with manuals and lots of spare-parts.  All guards and covers intact.  3 spare blades and 3 spare shears.  Manuals for the stitcher and the counter.  Can be seen underpower and running on our showroom floor in Ol ympia WA. 
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Omega II - 6 Pocket Stitcher/Trimmer
Omega II 6 Pocket Stitcher/Trimmer Right-hand view
Delivery and Timmer
Back view of Delivery
Side view of Delivery
Deliver control with Durant Counter/Batcher
Detail of Trimmer Exit
Side view of Trimmer
Side view of Trimmer with lid in upright position
Infeed and trimmer with lids open
Top view of Trimmer Detail
Trimmer Setup Area
Top view of Trimmer infeed with lid closed
Timmer Infeed
Detail of Timmer Infeed
Stitcher Infeed - Control Panel and Book Reject Caliper
Detail of Contol Panel
Book Reject Caliper
Removable Utility Box in Stitcher Infeed
Front view of 6 Pockets
Front view of 6 Pockets
Back End View of Pockets
Top view of pockets
Side view of Pocket Tables in lowered position.
Side view of Pocket Tables in raised position.
1st and 2nd Pockets
3rd and 4th Pockets
5th and 6th Pockets
Pocket loading area detail
Front view of pocket setup area
Back view of pocket setup area
Stitcher Vacuum Pump
3 Spare Knives - 3 Spare Shears
Delivery Storage Cabinet with Spare Parts and Setup tools
3 Honer Stitcher Heads in Styrofoam containers
Lots of spare parts for stitcher and sticher heads
Honer Stitcher Head Manual
Omega Stitcher/Trimmer Manuals
Durant Counter/Batcher Manual
Bad Book troubleshooting guide
Wiring diagrams